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Films for the Future

What is Films for the Future?


  • Films for the Future will show for the first time a compelling vision of life lived within our planetary means.
  • It is a competition for early career filmmakers and scriptwriters to create a human story of this sustainable future.
  • It embraces the challenge of creating content powerful enough to cut through to popular culture, without relying on the drama of dystopian narratives.



Positive visions of a truly sustainable world are conspicuous by their absence. Creative focus has been on heroes dragging the remaining few through dystopian nightmares or soulless, high-tech and automated futures that viewers struggle to relate to. So, we are left to watch Blue Planet, sip our soya lattes through paper straws and hope something will save us from apocalyptic wastelands and robot takeovers. We need a film that uses humour and feel-good storylines to build on the latest thinking on future envisioning from the environmental sector; a story that takes a fresh, personable and no-nonsense approach to inspiring us all to strive for a very different future.


Global Action Plan will offer the guidance on what it will mean to live sustainably, we need new creative talent to tell this story in a way which gets everyone talking.

Our plan


The competition will be launched in September 2019 inviting early career film students to submit a proposal showing how they plan to tell the human story of what it means to live sustainably.


A substantial development budget has been secured to turn the winning idea into a feature film. The winner of the competition will receive mentoring from our Creative Panel of film and TV industry experts, support to access further funding and pitch to broadcasters.


To promote the competition and educate early career film makers about sustainability, we are offering free half day workshops to 10 UK film schools and courses to encourage their students to apply. The workshops will focus on sustainability in filmmaking and will be on site at each location.



Click here for Film fOR THE FUTURE PROJECT Overview


Our Expert Panel



Our Expert Panel

PROFESSOR TIM JACKSON (& CUSP TEAM), Director of the Centre for Understanding Sustainable Prosperity (CUSP), University of Surrey

PROFESSOR TIM KASSER, Author & Professor of Psychology, Knox university

VANESSA TIMMER, Senior Research Fellow at Utrecht University, Executive Director of OneEarth

DR DENISE BADEN, Associate Professor of Sustainable Business & Founder of Green Stories

KEVIN MACDONALD, Director, Writer & Producer

SAM RICE-EDWARDS, Editor & Owner, The Assembly Room

JACQUES PERETTI, Investigative reporter, author and presenter



RICHARD WEBB, Film and TV Producer

GRAHAM SMITH, Grand Scheme Media


JEREMY MATHIEU, BBC Sustainability Advisor

JAMES WALLMAN, Author, Journalist, Activist and Keynote Speaker

SARAH WOODS, Playwright, Lecturer and Campaigner

KATE DALE, Head of Campaigns Sport England, responsible for This Girl Can campaign

VALERIE KELLER, Co-Founder and CEO of Imagine

LISE KINGO, Executive Director of the United Nations Global Compact.

JEREMY OPPENHEIM, Founding Partner SYSTEMIQ and Chair of Global Action Plan

JEFF SEABRIGHT, Chief Sustainability Officer of Unilever

JARVIS SMITH, Publisher of MyGreenPod and TV personality

GUNHILD A STORDALEN, Founder and Executive Chair of EAT


If you’d like to find out more about the programme, how to submit your ideas or find out if you’re eligible for our workshops, please get in touch: [email protected]