How we work with local authorities

How we work with local authorities


We recognises the distinct challenges facing local authorities. With public purse strings tightening, the pressure to deliver effective, cost-efficient solutions has never been so intense.

These solutions need to meet increasingly stringent environmental targets, engage and involve all sections of the community and generate results and data that can be used in reporting.

How we can help

We are uniquely placed to help meet these challenges:

  • Measurement and reporting are embedded within our activities.
  • Our approach involves local communities in planning and implementation.
  • We are cost-effective as materials and systems already exist, the involvement of volunteers is central and we can often use other funding.
  • Uniquely, we can deliver projects to a wide range of different audiences across a diverse range of environmental and social issues.
  • We have over 15 years experience of working with local authorities ranging from large municipal bodies through to smaller, rural district councils.

Hitting targets: the Carbon Reduction Commitment

Specifically, Global Action Plan can help local authorities to:

Hitting national indicators

We can help local authorities with national indicators because our programmes require people to work together to address environmental issues-whether centred around neighbourhoods, community groups, schools, local businesses or within the local authority itself. 

We bring about reductions in carbon through group behaviour change. Community cohesion and environmental improvement are at the heart of our work. Health and wellbeing are also addressed through specific programmes that target sustainable food and green transport issues, and employment skills are provided through some of our programmes.

Bespoke projects

We can create bespoke projects, with improvements reported upon completion, which help address the national indicators prioritised by specific local authorities.

Read more about the national indicators we address.

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Help with strategic planning

We help local authorities develop and implement the right plans for the community and the environment.

In your workplace

We can help work with employees within local authorities to make savings on carbon, waste, water and fuel.